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Clarice stopped him from having to engage in small talk by falling asleep. That was something of a relief. Getting to know her in these circumstances would have been awkward. Although when Ty got back he'd probably have to deal with that more, or whenever Clarice woke up.

Keith spent the next couple hours switching off between sitting and pacing. He had to eventually accept the truth of things. Ty probably wasn't coming back. Why, Keith didn't really know. He could have been attacked, or he could have decided that Keith and Clarice weren't worth his time.

Like Alice and Sandra had.

Keith sighed. He had to go look. Better than waiting for Clarice to wake up and wonder the same things he was.

He left, letting the door slam behind him. Maybe it would wake her up. Better to have her alert if some psycho came across her.

(Keith Bauer continued in The Waste)
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