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Null sheen.
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"Are you... are you for fucking real right now?"

Enzo, they felt, had been doing a pretty stand up job of not getting mad or anything so far.

"You ran into Rainy whilst she was injured and didn't do anything? What the fuck, dude! That's messed up!"

Enzo was torn between continuing to offer what little reassurance and comfort they could to Coleen and jumping up and getting in Fiyori's face because what the dick!?

That wasn't okay. Not even a little bit. Who gave a fuck if you didn't like someone? What kind of person did that?

If this place, this island, didn't change people, like Enzo believed, that was a real uncomfortable truth to butt into about some of their classmates.

They bit down on their anger, addressed Olivia instead. "Rick. You sure that's a good idea?"
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