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Brendan shook his head at Alba as she suggested that they should go. He couldn't just leave Jon like this. He couldn't leave him again. He ran off like a complete coward when they saw Danny's body and last time Jon left him after killing Amanda and breaking him down. He didn't want to be a coward or a crybaby anymore. He wanted to do the right thing.

Brendan just listened as Jon continued to talk and talk. Brendan was feeling his chest tightened as Jon's words were hitting him more and more. He watched as Jon was lowered the rifle. That was a good thing. Was he somehow managing to get through to Jon in a stange way? It could result in no fighting. Or killing....

"....I'm actually scared of myself, Jon. I'm scared that I'm still going to hurt someone because I can't change who I am. I'm trying to. I want to change myself. I want to at least do one thing right even if it resulted in me dying. I can't do it without some help. Which is why Alba is here with me, she's helping me try to be a good person. Even if it is getting too late for that...." He murmured quietly, he was feeling more and more tired. "I guess I really can't convince you to come with us. Right...?"

His voice had cracked a little and he sounded like he was getting more emotional. He didn't want to cry again. What was crying going to accomplish? Absolutely nothing.

"....I didn't mean for Michael to die. I didn't know.... I couldn't.... I can't do anything right. I can't even do things right by you, Jon. I just wanted to be your friend. I wanted to be someone to you. I wanted to be there for you. But I had to go and do something so stupid. And I hated myself for it. I still do. I hate that I'm still alive while people who are so much more deserving of living are now dead because of me."

Brendan choked on a sob. He didn't want to cry. He held back the tears. He couldn't let Jon see him as a weakling again.

"I.... I-I'm sorry...."
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