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Matt walked down the stairs. The bell tower was pretty interesting - maybe in the future if he had a rile of some sort he could camp out on the top - and maybe his favorite place on the island so far. He figured he had a special connection to it. He'd met Jerry and Toby - was that her name? Toby? - within view of it. The ocean view was a constant companion and it lost its appeal to him after a few days. The bell tower was different. From the top he could see for a little while around. Just enough in his opinion.


Matt raised the gun. What was that? He looked back, up. Towards the top. Nothing. He called out, quietly.

"Aiden - that you?" He thought for a moment. It probably was. Maybe he'd tried to get up and collapsed or something. "Just stay there," he said, starting to walk back down again. He was ready to meet Serena and what's her name? The other one. He couldn't remember their name. Whatever. Maybe he'd learn it soon. Maybe he wouldn't. Danya knew everyone's name and he had the most direct way of finding out in his hands.
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