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Avoid it, huh?

Funny that he finally got to do something right at the end of this whole trip and it was maybe all cause he'd stopped the whole avoidance thing without even thinking about it.

He just took the plunge.

And the endorphins or whatever were fine cause they were filling his body by now. Like holy shit what's this kid gone and done to himself and it all felt far away.

There they were. They were there.

Funny thing was that a few minutes ago he'd been honestly wondering what'd happen at the end. Had he considered that he might shoot Serena and Mel or something to save his own skin maybe? Well guess Aiden probably knew the answer to that now. That might've made him feel good.

But he wasn't feeling much.

"Uh so Moradi he took th gu im fukn sorry"

Aiden'd always hated that he'd never got to Ireland. He was the Irish kid, after all. Name like Slattery you couldn't be from anywhere but Dubin. And his father had always planned on it like one of them someday things. Aiden had sometimes figured that after he was done school and shit he'd just take off himself, start in Ireland and go bum round Europe and pretend like the world was a fucking beautiful place forever. Cause he'd just pretend everything was beautiful. Ireland was like some paradise in his mind and if he ever saw it'd be hills and flutes forever.

"he got it yah hes cmmin down so run"

And he could pretend that everywhere was like that except here and maybe that explained how he'd ended up such bloody load for so long, y'know?

Maybe they'd try to drag him along. Mel was saying they could. That was like them. They'd done it before.


And he was so fuckin grateful for that. He couldn't repay. Or maybe he had. Now Serena just had to get her ass in gear and pick up that gun still hopefully waiting for her. Maybe run Matt fuckin Moradi over on the way there or back if she could.

Serena and Mel and Aiden.

"hey thanks were somethings"

Three somethings.

B029: Aiden Slattery - DECEASED

G058: Kaitlyn Greene aka Katy Buried - Horse Tranquilizer and Syringe
She Knew She'd Found Freedom - Questions - Fools - Barons - Opportunities - Sideshows - Dawns - Gulches

G038: Deanna Hull - Replica Freddy Glove - DECEASED
From Sea to Sky -Smoke--Sun--Tiki--Nine--Repeat--Talk--Now--Drift--Hunger--Valley--Fall--Rust--Paper--Heart--Sky-
B023: Jesse Jennings - Riz Action Figure - DECEASED
From Vision to Glory -Vision--Summon--Time--Plan--Length--Sleep--Cause-

B006: Ricky Fortino - Trowel - DECEASED
B022: Imraan Al-Hariq - Remington 870 - DECEASED
G036: Carly Jean Dooley - VASE D: - DECEASED
G077: Andrea Raymer - Gunpowder - ?????
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