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For a second, Dot's grip on her blade tighten when Jae started to walk forward, calling out for a girl's name. She attempted to follow him but Jae waved his hands toward her, wanting her to lower her weapons she had raised. The tone of his voice said it all: this shouldn't be a violent encounter. Perhaps even a nice one, she may befriend someone and make an ally. Dot wasn't sure about that last part but she hoped they wouldn't turn out to be evil.

Hazel is such an ugly name. That's like naming your kid Brown or Gray. That's ugly, especially if you are going for a color-themed naming pattern. If her parents were going for food-themed naming pattern, that'd be worse. If she had any siblings, were any of them called Nut or Banana? That's a question she would need to ask her.

Dorothy bit her lips. She had another question but the person she wanted to ask it was dead, killed by Min-jae. It would make sense that Jae would kill Hazel because that's what happened with Lily. Dot had a question for Lily and Jae killed her. Now Dorothy had a question for Hazel, would that mean Jae will kill Hazel? She squinted and sighed. She mentally took a step back and realized she had been searching for a logic where there was none. Jae couldn't have known that Dot had a question for Lily and he killed her. These two things were not related.

She decided to look into it later, discarding her feelings for the assumption to focus on the situation.

Dorothy didn't move an inch as instructed by Jae's gestures. Instead, she analyzed the situation. Hazel was speaking to somebody, and Jae and Dot couldn't see who was that person. Jae appeared to know Hazel. Maybe she was a friend or something, or like someone he met on the island and she wasn't mean toward him. Whatever was the reason, Jae didn't raise his crossbow, walked toward Hazel's voice and pull the trigger.

She had nothing to do, nothing to say, nothing needed to be done other than to wait for the situation to resolve. Hopefully, no-one would die. And if someone die, hopefully it wouldn't be her.
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