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Mel had propped her own car door open, waiting. She turned at the sound, she looked, and her breath caught in her throat, the same question as before on the tip of her tongue. This time, she didn't want to hear the answer.

No, what she wanted to hear was that it was some lookalike, some copycat asshole that Aiden had shoved off the top of the tower and screw him because he deserved it, but she wasn't allowed to have that many delusions.

She was already hurrying to him, a few steps behind Serena, with more questions to substitute for the one she couldn't ask. Had he jumped? She refused to believe it.

Why had they allowed him to go alone? Had he been pushed?

Hadn't he heard them tell him to be careful?

"We can lift him," Mel said, the words just spilling out as she tried to meet Serena's eyes. She couldn't, wouldn't, didn't dare look too hard at him in case he was already too far gone. "We can lift him into the back, and we have the first aid kits, and... we can..."

Time to remember how she'd forced Cameron up and forced her to walk without a splint. Time to remember how she'd done some jerryrigging with some screwed up chair leg and then she'd left and Cameron had gone and died anyway.

She hesitated, waiting on a word.
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