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It didn't take long for an answer, Aiden was up for it and pushed for it, even saying someone could go with her for it, make sure she was fine. She was touched by that concern he had for her. If there was any good of this hellish experience it was getting to know him and Mel, even when they disagreed heavily on what they were doing.

There was no answer from Mel though, not like they had listened to her in the past. Probably figured it wasn't worth trying to convince them of what they were doing is foolish and playing into their game. She jsut hoped she could convince her otherwise, if there anything she didn't want to do is have to goagainst her.

Aiden then left for the top of the tower while she got herself ready for a run, it was decided then. She would go for the award.

"Take care!" She yelled after him as he wandered up the structure they had met outside of just a scant days ago. Jeez, had it really been that long ago? Even though it was just a few days ago, it felt like an eternity.

After a while she decided to get her things in order, but as she gathered her bag to do so. She heard a sound, not unlike when jerry was hit, but harsher and like a splat.

She turned to look and saw Aiden. It was not a pretty sight.

"A-aiden?!" Her legs moved faster than her brain as she ran towards him.
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