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Matt Moradi.

They shoulda fuckin run him over too and the pipe came down again.

Aiden lay on the floor for a few seconds after that. He was wishing it was all black, but no there were all these weird white spots he was seeing instead, pulsing across what vision he had, which was mostly concrete and iron at this point. He didn't know. It all merged together, shapeless, kinda like his thoughts for that past minute. Then he reached around for his gun and wondered why it wasn't there.

Matt Moradi. It was... and where was he again?

Aiden groaned. Couldn't think. The whole left side of his face, still on the ground, was wet and hot. And forget his face the whole left of his head. He couldn't touch it yet. His right ear felt strange and he brought a hand to it and felt blood leaking out.


So was he dying here now? Hey there was a thought.

"Ah shit," he slurred. "Ahhhhshit."

He groped with his right hand, looked up and saw the metal barricade ringing the lookout deck. He grabbed the lowest bar and tried to pull himself up and instead what do you know, the fucking thing snapped right off and Aiden dropped all of three inches back onto the deck and it felt like way more. He managed to block his face from hitting it with his hand and stared back out into the sunset.

Well then he'd just fucking lie here and watch that, huh?

He was nearly at the edge. And Aiden smiled for a sec before he glanced down and saw the Jeep and it all came together again. At least as much as it could.

That was why he'd lost his gun. That was why Matt wasn't here anymore. Matt was on his way...


Yeah good fuckin luck on them hearing that one Aiden. Way to warn 'em. One last failure for ya. Get Mel and Serena killed cause you took the gun and you lost the gun and you waited your way up here because you couldn't get down fast enough to...


He decided in another second. Probably all he had.

Aiden managed to pivot on the ground. He slipped over the edge, legs first.

He'd had at least one big stroke of luck here, eh? Managed to get himself caught right near where Serena and Mel were. He hoped it wouldn't be too much of a mess.

Then he landed feet first. His head, such as it was, chest and shoulders pretty much survived OK. Everything else, less so.
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