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Alessio was not sure what to say. Maxim went closer to him.


The person in front of Alessio was Alessio with the same thoughts he had some days ago. What would he have told to his past-self regarding his thoughts on game?

"I know that it's hopeless. I know we can't be saved. I know we are doomed."

Alessio put his gun back into his pocket. God, he needs to wash his jeans after going home.

"But dying in a group is better than dying alone. A human's uh life is worth much. We can delay our deaths in the group. We can spend our last days together in a group. We can spend our times as the class of Cochise. Not alone as victims of people who had killed. I wouldn't want to have died as the people I had killed. I wouldn't want to have died as Vanessa. I think dying in peace with friends...is...uh."

God, speaking was hard. He did not want to speak anymore. He just wants Maxim to get it.
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