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And so Lili was gone. With Al together - more or less in some sense of the word - and it was just so simple. He'd have enjoyed to form some sort of opinion on that, but man, was he bad doing that.

It became worse when Penny broke down. Seeing the girl so low and cry... again, of course, but intensively anyway, was more and more unnerving. She'd started talking, rambling almost about high and lofty concepts which Johnny had trouble understanding. 'Cause he was tired, 'cause he was hurting, and 'cause he had trouble actually listening to Penny. He had wished, though, that she would just stop. Somehow stop, but he didn't know how to.

Penny then asked them a final favor of sorts - asked them to not kill if it came down to it, in the sense that they would be the last one standing. Not making him laugh, but still laughable, Johnny thought. He got lucky so far but it was a snowball's chance in hell for him to make it even close to that spot.

Raina agreed to it. Not a hint of conviction in her voice, which was telling. At least Johnny thought he could tell. Seemed a bit obvious given the tone she picked, a bit too much and Johnny already was unsure how to read her. He, however briefly, considered that Raina was simply annoyed to shits. Probably by Penny's antics, but he still hoped it wasn't him.

"I guess."
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