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Jon felt somewhat satisfied that his appearance had caused Brendan to change his tune. He was not satisfied in the fact that it was obviously a ploy. Brendan was lying to Jon again. He took you for an idiot, Jon.

Part of him realized why he still kept the mask with him, why he kept it for all this time now, despite how useless it really was. When he didn't wear it, people saw him as a joke. Oh, it's just Jon, little five-one Jon. He couldn't harm a fly, even if he really tried. Then he wore it, he scared people. Brendan begged, even Alex was wide eyed, he was afraid until he found out who it was underneath it.

Brendan had walked right up to him and stared down at him.

He offered him his bag. The ones with his old stuff. The one with...

Oh shit, he had the tape recorder.

Jon stared at it for a moment, as Brendan asked him something else.

"....Jon, please, come with us. I don't want you to be alone again."

Jon felt his eyelid twitch.

"You're lying."

He lurched back, switching his view between Alba and Brendan. He couldn't let either of them disappear from his focus. They were trying to bait him.

He pointed his rifle at them.

He should have fucking known, the moment he would drop his guard they'd try to kill them. One would talk, the other would sneak around.

"I'm not that stupid, Brendan! You can't play me like that, not anymore!"
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