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Aiden went down, falling forward and dropping the shotgun. Matt bent over to pick up his prize but heard him say something. He had nothing to say to Aiden and instead responded to whatever it was that he had muttered by bashing him over the head with the pipe again. He looked down at him. Satisfied, he put the pipe into his bag best he could and reached down to pick up his newest tool. A shotgun. Lighter than he expected. Aiden had probably already pumped it in a manner no doubt extremely dramatic so he decided against it, only checking to see if the safety was on. Click. Off. He glanced down.

Alive. Not a threat, at least not right now. He briefly considered doing the smart thing and killing him then and there but decided against it. It was needless. He figured that he'd wake up eventually and swear revenge or something along those lines. He'd deal with them later, assuming someone wouldn't already deal with them for him. He started to walk down the stairs, renewed. He felt powerful. Didn't have to sneak up on anyone anymore.. not that he'd put a stop to that field proven way of winning. 12 gauge buckshot to the back of the head was just a safer way of getting rid of a potential problem. Far safer than the pipe. The pipe had little sentimental value to him but he'd run out of bullets eventually. He'd keep it.
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