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That was the Maxim he knew. The smart, witty German. Always had an answer for everything.

Alessio rubbed his teary eyes. How to tell him things. He could not tell him that he loved Vanessa. That would be embarrassing. Especially since all the world would be revealed his secret love. He had never told anyone about his crush on Vanessa. Not even his closest friends. It was just a secret for himself.

But now it didn't matter, did it? Vanessa was dead and nobody cared who he had a crush on.

Still, Alessio felt uncomfortable explaining himself to Maxim. But Alessio knew that he could talk.

"There. Is a group. A big group. We could join it, Maxim."

Alessio couldn't join it. But perhaps Maxim can.

"Their plan is to stop the game by slowing it down. Stopping the killing. To beat the people who put us in here."
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