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Alessio Rigano.

At one point in Maxim's life, that name was a comfort. A friend. Now, it was a killer. Another killer, to be clear. Maxim could add that title to his own name now, discomforting as it was.

The alarming fact wasn't that Alessio was there. The alarming fact was that Alessio was there and he had a gun in his hands. And Maxim had nothing of the sort in his own.

He was standing a fair bit away, as was his bag. If he could just stall him, everything would turn out fine for him. As for Alessio, that remained to be seen. He didn't want to shoulder Alessio's burden, considering how he would have to be responsible for a far larger number of other kills if Maxim was going to get out alive.

So he took a step forward.

"I do not think you are in any position to ask that, Alessio."
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