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It's funny how it takes till times like this for you to realize just how lucky you'd been here thus far. Well, as far as physical condition goes, at least. Aiden'd been pretty much left alone. Mentally not so much, but you take what you can get.

So when the sudden explosion of pain came from the back of his head, sending his ears ringing, knocking his teeth together on his tongue and drawing blood, Aiden had a half-second of clarity and that realization before he stumbled forward, temporarily blinded, and dropped the shotgun before pitching forward and falling first on his kneees, then his side.

Funny too how he'd thought you just got knocked straight out if something like that happened. Guess it was just the movies or whatever.

"....thefuck" he muttered. and turned over, trying to get back up. His vision was half-white. Doubly weird.
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