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((Matt Moradi continued from somewhere else. OP post is being edited - forgive any inconsistencies. GMing approved, too!))

He was waiting at the top of the bell tower. He saw the jeep coming. Aiden, Serena, who else? He couldn't remember their name. He didn't see Bart, either. So they must have abandoned him. Poor Bart. Probably didn't even put up a fight about it or anything. He didn't quite know what to think of them. They had a jeep, somehow. And somehow they had enough gasoline to drive the damn thing all around the island for over a week. It made absolutely no sense to him, but he accepted it because he had to. If he spent too much time thinking about the logical inconsistencies of this place.. nothing. This place was a surreal nightmare and that was all he needed to know.

He stayed away from the edge. He didn't want them to see him. Slattery had a gun - a shotgun - and he figured that it was high time that he liberate it from him. If there was anyone on this island who was in need of a gun, it was him. He looked at the pipe down in his hands. Three people in the same day wasn't a good look. He'd have to try and knock him out. Take the gun from him and then somehow make it out of here without his two friends running him over with that fucking jeep.

And then he heard him coming. Slattery. With the gun. Delivering it to him, he figured, in some weird metaphysical sense of the word. Matt held his breath. Slattery walked up the stairs to watch the sunset he guessed. He traveled eighteen years to get here and waiting for him at the end of that journey was a pipe to the back of the head.

Slowly, Matt approached him from behind. Quietly as he could. And then, when he was within swinging distance, he let out a short grunt - maybe the only warning Aiden would get - and bashed him across the head with the pipe.
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