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Null sheen.
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Enzo stopped, let Olivia shake them off. They didn't have much consolation to offer. Any. Olivia clearly wasn't in a position to be hearing them and well, that was the way these things went. Who the hell was Enzo to tell Olivia that she couldn't grieve? Fuck, she was probably feeling three times as guilty as them. Enzo couldn't tell her off for falling asleep any more than she'd be beating herself up.

If... there was even a coherent thought in that head. Right about now, Enzo really wasn't sure.

Behind them, Coleen vented in her own way. Enzo couldn't criticise that, either. She was raw and hurting. If there wasn't a time to let it out, then...

They let her get it out, cause that kind of anger and grief there wasn't any stopping and there wasn't any point in trying. You had to let it. Hell, Enzo was hurting, and Coleen was closer to GLD than them.

This was broken.

Enzo slipped back from Olivia, crouched down next to Coleen, and wordlessly hugged her around the shoulders.

And then there were words from down the corridor. Enzo looked up.

"Chihuahua. What's that supposed to mean?"

Fiyori was calm. Too calm, some combination of placid and ever-so-slightly mocking.
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