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Keith had said looking out for Scout was fine, and Clarice gave him a small smile and hoped it was legitimate, rather than a fake promise or some kind of trick, but she couldn’t just be distrusting everyone. Ty said he was fine, so he was fine. Even if Ty was a little questionable on that end, but only a little. He hadn’t killed yet, and--

And Ty was just leaving. He said he’d be back. That… was probably fine. Yeah? Maybe? He hadn’t looked happy, and fuck she’d just basically told him ‘I don’t trust you enough to travel with you.’ But that was a fuckin’ multi-layered issue and… shit, everything’s all jumbled.

“Oh, uh… cool, I’ll just… be here?”

Clarice awkwardly waved and then sat down, although it’d be more accurate to say that she just slid down the wall. She still was hesitant about Ty going with her, but running off when he just needed a moment? Fucking rude. Although maybe she should go after him, but maybe she’d only get in the way and maybe… maybe…

She was nodding off before she even finished the thought.
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