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(Aiden Slattery continued from You Thought It Was Kimiko...)

He thought.

Ya see, one of the things you get to thinking about in a place like this is that you actually got a lot of time to think about things.

Like how he didn't want to go back to that fuckin' asylum, for one thing.

" ...We gotta go, don't we? I guess we ain't the Three Nothings no more. They're taking notice of us now, ha!"

He managed a chuckle there. But of course he was right. They'd come all this way being inconclusive and shit and now they were parked right near it and what the hell would they be if they didn't take those last steps? He looked over at Mel.

"I guess one of us can stick outside with the Jeep while the other one goes inside with ya and gets it. We stick like that, it should work. I mean, I'd vote for stayin' with the Jeep myself. Back in there..."

Ah fuck it and he'd gone and tried to blot it all out cause it felt like it was a whole lifetime ago by now, didn't it?

"Where I mucked it all up and Scarley she got herself killed cause of me, huh? God, I haven't even tried to talk about that for days... I was just so fucking stupid and scared... y'know that for like the whole first day here I spent it thinking we were all in some prank or something? Almost right up until she got hit by Nancy Kyle and... I just let her take it for me. And then I took days to... Christ y'know we should've all come to this conclusion like days ago... there I go back to ramblin' on again, y'know. But Serena yeah, I think we gotta get it. Get yourself another weapon. Plus we need the food or whatever they left. We're... now I know we're on the right track here. We go find some more killers, do what we do. Do what we do, feel me?"

He looked over at the tower. What they do. Hey, they'd come back here, now hadn't they? Back to where he'd already freaked himself out and lasted for days afterwards. Back to fuckin where Harold was still probably lying on the ground out round the other side of it. He hadn't gone to check.

But if anything, this was a good place to do a quick test, wasn't it? Of the old courage.

Aiden stretched his neck, then opened the Jeep door.

"So you wanna take a minute, be sure first, I'm gonna check up on the top and see if there's any stuff left up there. Be real quick. You gals psych yourself up, figure out how you wanna grab the prize. Then we go, kay?"

He gave a wave and smiled, then dropped out onto the ground, holding the shotty. Sun was starting to set, but it still looked like there was plenty of time to get to the looney bin. And if it got dark, well hey, the Jeep still had the headlights workin.

And he grinned at that only to be greeted by Barry fuckin' Banks still on the floor of the tower in that exact same goddamn position as he was a week ago.

He froze at that.

"Ah hell Barry, you still here?" he muttered. Then he shrugged and started up the stairs.

"Sorry I don't even remember who killed ya."

He thought as he went up the stairs about how stupid they'd all really been to not just fuckin' go nuts on the killers sooner. Really now. What if they'd blown away Nancy Day 2 instead of Day goddamn 5 or whatever it'd been? What if they'd taken out Barry's killer straight off? They wouldn't have been where they are now, that's for sure. It could've been Day 3 with no killers and a bunch of righteous kids daring the fucking terrorists on what they do next. That'd be great.

But instead it was Day 8 now and that was all just a pipe dream. Now they were what they were, The Three Somethings, and he knew he could take out the next bad guy he saw just like Serena'd already done. And Mel would be the same, he knew. Aiden thought about Mel and Serena. How who the fuck knew, what if it ended up gettin' down to the three of them at the end of this. Cause that was a whole possibility now, wasn't it?

He mulled on that.

Christ there were a lot of goddamn stairs here.

Finally he reached the top, and stared right into the setting sun. Bit blinding. Ah still beautiful. He looked out for just a second.
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