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Just a little bit over a week ago, Matt wanted to go to college and become a dentist. Like his father, who he didn't particularly like, who also didn't particularly like his father, who was also a dentist. He briefly considered the hilariousness of this entire scenario. His father, an immigrant from Iran, having crossed an entire ocean, something almost unthinkable a thousand years ago, wedded a woman of similar background and had a son, who went on to kill two people in the span of a few hours after being kidnapped by a group of terrorists with vague inscrutable motives.

Was that it?

That's what all this was leading up to?

He guessed that he was just born to die like everyone else who had come before him. What made him different? He had his back turned to Nate and Nate finally asked him what he was going to do. Was he going to kill him? It was a good question. Does he speed along the process or just leave it up to nature? Matt didn't believe in fate. He believed in doing. And by doing something - i.e hitting an abnormally short boy in the face with a lead pipe, stolen off of a dead man by another man who was now also dead - he would kill Nate. By doing that, he would render all the time his parents had spent raising him null and void. Change so many lives with so little effort.

He didn't say anything. No "yes" no "no" no "good luck". He left.

((Matt Moradi continued somewhere else.))
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