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He didn't know where that had come from. It just came out that way.

But he figured that he was right. Winning was inherently more noble than losing. Nate questioned him, asking him why he wanted to be a winner "like that." There was no "like that." There was winning and there was losing. The stakes in this game, for example, were so high that winning proved to be preferable to losing, regardless of what had to be done in order to win.

Nate questioned him if he cared that all "our friends" were dead. Irene was dead. Darius was dead. Those were just about the two - out of what, a hundred? - people on this island that he knew all that well.

Matt just stood there, not facing Nate. Too paranoid to turn his back on the rest of the island.

"Yeah, well. That's how it is," he said. "None of these people are my 'friends', Nate. They're, uh.. you know. Competition. I guess you're competition, too." He figured that'd hurt more to say.

It didn't.

"So.. I guess that's all I have to say about that. I'm gonna try to win. If I don't then I don't. If I do.." He had no idea what he was going to do if he won. He guessed that he'd figure it out if it happened. When it happened.

"I guess I do. That's about it. Are you hungry, or.. what? I've got a lot of food."
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