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"Really glad you guys are adjusting so nicely on the damn island!"

(( Jonathan Gulley continued from The Shape))

Jon was walking towards the group on the docks, Amanda's-no, his rifle in his gloved hands, obscured by bed sheets wrapped around his arms and shoulders. The Nixon mask still dangled out of Michael's jacket pocket.

"No really, that's great! It's great you guys are getting used to it all!"

Jon was furious. Nothing more could be said than that about his emotions.

"It's all one tropical island huh? Some nice sunshine, beaches, the ocean, free rooms, though room service kind of sucks..."

It wasn't right that the first people he managed to talk to again after shutting himself away were the same people he tried to shoot earlier.

"How'd you guys spend your evening? Huh Brendan? After that little cry of yours, did'ja find Alba... Get a little bit of drinking in at the pub... maybe work on some gains at the gym? Went home back to the asylum for some nice sleep and relaxation... Kill someone inbetween probably, but hey! Glad you found someone you love!"

It was even less right for Brendan to just get up and be okay after what happened. He really didn't care did he? He just played you again Jon, that's all he did, that's all he does.

"Glad it's all so easy for you guys."

Jon felt his arms shaking. He wasn't here to shoot anyone else, but the option was mighty tempting now, they weren't supposed to be here, what where they doing here?!

Jon wanted to say more, but his body locked up, he felt frozen in place. His fingers tightened around the rifle. His remaining eye stared in between the two. He was staring off into nothing now.

"What the fuck are you two doing here? Why? What do you want?"

He left space and looked back at them.

"What the fuck do you want from me?!"
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