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He thought he knew Matt. Yeah, they’d only hung out briefly at the start of this, but he was someone who hadn’t tried to rob or kill him. That had to mean something in the midst of it all, surely.

How naïve that was, Nate was realising.

“Why do you want to be a winner like that?”

He was looking down at the sand now, neither of them looking at each other. He wasn’t sure that he’d be able to look Matt in the eye, even if it was what he wanted.

“Don’t you care that all our friends are dead? What’s the point of being the last one alive, just to say that you were? What’s waiting for you?”

He bit down on his lower lip, trembling but not crying. The emotions he’d managed to supress for the past few days were creeping up on him, but he wasn’t ready to break down again. It was too hard to keep doing that, even if it all managed to keep getting the better of him.

"I never thought you were a loser, anyway."

Whether he knew Matt or not, that was still true.
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