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Matt’s words resounded with Nate. Not the question, or even the dismissal: those were more things that went unheard. What came right before it was what stuck with him.

Maybe he was going to win?

He stared at Matt. Stared for a good few moments. Then he did something he hadn’t done in a long time, something he didn’t think he’d ever do again.

He laughed.

It was short, harsh, and abrupt, but it was a laugh. He wasn’t smiling, nor did he feel any joy: it was a laugh born from absurdity.


He clawed his fingers into the sand, gritting his teeth as a tightness pulled in his chest. His breathing was growing shallow, rapid.

“That…being the one who goes home. You call that winning?”

Going home, as everyone you knew and cared about lay dead behind you.

“Why would I want to win, Matt? Why would anyone want to win, and live after this?!”
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