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((Alessio continued from Minus Something))

He had tears in his eyes. They were itching and red. He didn't interfere. He couldn't. Raina took everything away from him.

"Why did you kill her?"

His love. His love who did not even know who he was. She did not know how he looked like. This was a bullshit bizarre situation. He killed for her, he killed to show her, to show her what she had done to him. But she did not realise.

She will never realise. She will always think that he was a murderer, a creep no more. She is dead now, though. And her memory? Her memory was gone. Her existance had been erased. Vanessa's beautiful face now just was. He couldn't look at her. No. Last week ago he wanted to marry her. He would have done anything to marry her. A week later she was not anymore.

Al died inside. Vanessa was just. Vanessa. All the things he had done for her.

Maxim was Al's friend, but. Maxim was hostile, just like Al had been hostile. He probably felt like Al felt before he knew that there were friendly people. Maxim probably listens to the terrorists. But he does not know the peaceful way Kizi suggested. If they had been peaceful they could have avoided this. If Lili, him, Raina, Penelope and Johnny would have recruited Maxim and Vanessa, Al would have two people he liked recruited. He would be able to speak with them once more before they would all die on this island. But that was not the case. Maxim killed Vanessa. Vanessa didn't want to be killed. She should have survived. She should have won the fight. Al rooted for Vanessa to overwhelm Maxim. All of Al's hate for Vanessa went away as he saw her once again. He used to hate her for what she did days ago, but Alessio completely forget all of that when he saw her again. But seeing her once again reminded him of the past. He fell in love with her again. Seeing her again evoked the feelings he felt everytime he saw her in school.

But now it's too late. For Vanessa. Not for Maxim. But for the more important living being out of the the two. The most important human of the island was dead. Vanessa was more worth than 106 lives.

Al was just standing there, after he came out from behind a bookshelf to stare at Maxim. His posture was him looking down. He held his fake gun in his hands, not pointing it at Maxim. It was not too late for Maxim. He would Kizi him.


If he could only find words to say to Maxim.
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