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All things considered, Matt should feel pretty good. He was well fed and, surprisingly, he managed to sleep better here then he was ever able to at home. He didn't know why. Couldn't know why. It just was. He slept better here. Despite all that, he felt worse than normal. Maybe it was the constant walking around and the seething hatred he felt for his captors but every waking moment he spent here passed uneasily. Nate looked at him like there was something wrong with him. Maybe there was - he'd just killed two people in the past few hours and felt very little - but all he had to offer in response was a cough. A question. Why aren't I dead yet. Short and to the point. He liked that. No tap dancing around it.

"I've got no idea why you're still alive, Nate," Matt said, glancing over his shoulder. He had his back turned. Stupid. Slowly, he started to turn his back on Nate.

"Maybe you're gonna win, but... I doubt it. How long do these, uh, things, usually last? Can't be more than a few more days, right?"
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