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What was the next step?

Kimiko hadn't considered her plan past the point of holding Caedyn up. The girl had killed and had a gun though which made her a dangerous and a threat. The easiest thing to do would be to shoot Caedyn then and there but Kimiko had no idea how much the announcement could have been trusted. She couldn't remember anything about a gun. The other option was just to rob Caedyn, that wasn't an altogether appealing option either.

It meant Caedyn would be her enemy from that point on, but it meant she'd have even more supplies. Whether she needed more supplies wasn't part of the question she was considering. It would be easy for her dump anything she didn't need once she found a safe place to do so.

Kimiko was about to move when a sudden shout made her jump, her instinct kicking in Kimiko span and fired off two shots in quick succession with the gun. The roar seemed to be louder from within the confines of the smaller room and her arm jerked up wildly since she had no support.

She didn't know if she hit anything but she felt a churning deep in her stomach as she waited to see.
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