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((Brendan Harte continued from Que Sera, Sera))

Brendan wondered why he had made his way back here with Alba. Maybe he wanted to see Amanda's body. She had saved his life moments before Jonathan had ruthlessly took her down in front of him. He wanted to pay his respects and at least try to carry on for her as well as Alba. Even though, Amanda was gone. He felt responsible for what happened to her. It should have been him lying on the ground dead, not her. Too late for him to turn back time right now.

He glanced at Alba who was walking beside him and he was actually feeling like everything was going to be okay for now. Just for a little while. He was feeling that they should take a break as soon as they reached the docks. They still had time to look for Ty. At least Brendan hoped so.

"Do you think that I....?" Brendan paused as he spoke and he stopped to think about what he would say next to Alba. It was getting harder and harder for him to want to talk. "Do you think that I can really be trusted by you, Alba? What do you think will happen if I just betrayed you just like that?"

Brendan wouldn't stab Alba in the back. That just made him think of Jerry. He knew what he meant. But he wanted to know Alba's honest opinion. He wanted her to make him understand. He wanted things to be different. He wanted....

Brendan felt himself smile a little.

"I know this is the worst time to say it. But if we weren't here and we had gone on that trip. I would have wanted to try to ask you out. I wanted to have you as my girlfriend, Alba." He confessed to her honestly, he rubbed the back of his neck out of awkwardness. "I wanted to tell you this now. Just in case something happens to either of us before I had a chance to say it."
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