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There was a drawn out silence, as Nate continued trying to think. The sand felt gritty beneath his palms, and the sound of the ocean groaned behind him. The once relaxing sensations now were an unwanted distraction, that made a hard process that much harder.

His body felt tense and uncomfortable, not just from the days of exertion without rest. Everything about the situation just felt wrong, just like it had from the very beginning. Even in his thoughtless state, what he had thought had been a respite from it all had really just been a mask. He’d never forgotten what was happening, even if he couldn’t acknowledge it anymore.

Looking at Matt was just making him feel sick. Of course he looked wrong, he’d transformed into a killer since their last meeting, but it wasn’t that. Someone he recognised, if barely, was grounding him, and he was finding himself pulled between delirium and reality in a horribly disorienting ride.

The most recent question he’d been asking himself when he was still thinking, to no end, managed to come forth:

“Why aren’t I dead yet?”
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