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"Pain on the brain," Lana nodded, a bit forcefully.

"Hey, you know that we wouldn't have ended up friends if you didn't have some brain power on tap. School's just societal expectation anyways, it doesn't mean..."

Lana watched Marie's eyes shift about, she felt an iota of annoyance bubble up from diving depth in her own head. Inflating to put a headache's worth of pressure on her grey matter.

"Oh yeah. Fuck."

Lana didn't know who'd be calling her at this time.


Texting, rather.

But she knew now. The phone crashed to the table mere seconds after Lana's eyes scrolled over it, back and forth, a hundred oscillations per second. The rubbery casing absorbed the fall with a single dull smack. Lana stared. Stared was the only word that could describe it. Maybe a hundred-yard, or a thousand-yard, or looking long and straight through the heart of reality.
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