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((Was this all a nightmare?))

Dorothy started to get used to the island. She went to bed somewhere that wasn't a bed. She slept through the night, a knife in her hand and taser in the other. She would open her eyes by moment when a noise was heard then went back to sleep when she found its source. Her dreams were either bland or horrible: it was either her before all of this or her after all of this.

For example, her last dream was about graduating. It started as a bland dream. She was with her friends, her parents were in the audience and she was waiting to be called on stage. She fiddled around, looking at her cellphone, talking to her friends and trying to stay calm while the principal went through the list of students.

When she was called, it went from a bland dream to a horrible one. She got up, clutching her hands together. She received her diploma then turned around toward the crowd. The students that were there a couple seconds earlier were all gone. Their seats were empty. She looks toward her parents and they were gone too. Not in the kind of disappearance but they were dead. The other parents had killed them, out of spite. At least, that's what she assumed after waking up. They were probably mad their daughter went home and it was their children that were dead. Her dream ended. Just like that, her eyes opened and she stared directly in the wall.

Then the announcement played. She was getting used to that too. The guy tried to sound peppy or something. It could have work on the first few days but right now, it mainly felt like a bad effort to piss them off. She wondered if he felt bad. If he had to take pills to sleep at night, would that mean he felt bad or just suffered from insomnia? She wondered a lot these days, maybe a little too much.

She was still thinking when she was walking beside Jae. She commented on everything. She heard a bird's wings and whispered things under her breath. When she stepped on something that made her sound, she apologized to the creature she killed. Even most of the time they were only a branch, she still felt horrible when her foot crushed it. Jae was probably finding her annoying but she didn't care much. There was no escape from her never-ending chatter.

So when an arm blocked her way, she was kinda shocked. Was Jae done with her? No, there was something else. She wasn't able to hear under her own whispering but when she stopped running her mouth, she heard it: voices. Dot went on autopilot. She crouched, put her bag on her knees, opened her bag, grabbed her knife and her taser, then zipped it close.

She turned her head toward Jae, waiting for his orders.
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