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Penelope's self destructive words only did more to reinforce Lili's decision to take the guns. She cautiously looked them over, checking that the safeties (or at least that what she thought were the safeties) were on, and put them into the bags. Then, she slung them over her shoulders. She knew she wouldn't be able to go far with these things, as they felt even heavier than the corpses she'd been carrying around these past few days. At most, she'd be able to make it to the bridge, where she could unload some of her gear into the water. That way she'd take some of the guns out of circulation - one last step toward peace - and she'd be able to pay some respects to Su again. Maybe she'd jump off, while she was at it.

It didn't sound like they'd stop her if she tried to leave, so she made her way over to the doorway, unable to look at the three standing there. Penelope, a shivering and crying mess. Raina and her blue hair, unsubtle, unkind, unyielding. Johnny, silent, sulking by himself.

Kizi was gone.

Ben was gone.

She had a feeling that one of these other three would drop before she did. It was just a hunch, her gut feeling, and was probably going to wind up incorrect. Lili pictured the other three in Kizi's position, shuddering, blood pouring out of them, and her lip quivered. At that precise moment, she walked through the door and out into the hallway.

Nothing can stop me now, 'cause I don't care, anymore.

Nothing can stop me now, 'cause I just don't care.

Lili wondered why that song popped into her head as she walked down the corridor. She barely even liked Nine Inch Nails. The Downward Spiral was a halfway decent album, but most of their stuff after that just got too self indulgent for her to listen to. Lili hit the pause button on her mental jukebox and scrolled through a list of tracks, trying to find some fitting soundtrack for her trek through the asylum.

Nothing seemed to fit. No music could capture what she was - no, what she wasn't - feeling.

She settled on silence, and walked on.

[Lili Williams continued in The Making of a Soul.]
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