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Nothing to see? "Th-there's- there's Georgia Lee! Georgia Lee Georgia Lee Georgia Lee-" and she shook Enzo's hand off her shoulder cause it weighed a million pounds and she didn't need any more weight now she didn't need someone or something to continue squeezing her crushing her she needed someone to lift her up lift Georgia Lee up and so she shook her shook her and god oh god she was so limp, limp like a doll, limbs and head just bobbing along to the motion and her eyes wouldn't close and they were open and Olivia could see into them but they weren't seeing.

And they never would.

And Olivia collapsed into Georgia Lee, muttering, sobbing her name like a prayer a thousand times over, and she longed to hear Georgia Lee's breath, feel her chest heave, but all there was to hear was Olivia herself and wood breaking behind her.

And then Fiyori, and at first, she didn't matter, no one, nothing mattered. But then something she said struck Olivia.

Discovered her as well?

As well?

She slowly lifted her head up, didn't look at Fiyori. She spoke quietly.

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