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Brendan was feeling like a weight was slowly being lifted off of him after they had covered Jaime up on the bed and he felt that it had been a good thing for him and Alba to do. He couldn't take back what he did to Jaime, but this was all that he could really do for her. What were Jaime's parents thinking if they saw this?

Brendan glanced around for a camera and he stared at it for about two seconds. His family.... What were they thinking of him right now? Would he even have a home left if he was the one to survive all of this? Possibly not. Even he would not want him back home.

Alba was talking to him. That everything was going to be fine. Was it really? He didn't believe it.

"I'm glad to have you with me too, Alba." He smiled weakly before picking up his and Jon's bags and then they left the room.

Brendan closed the door behind him. He didn't want anyone to see Jaime's body yet.

((Brendan Harte continued elsewhere))
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