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Nate had turned around and all he offered in response was just staring at him. No words or anything. No I'm fine. Matt figured that the past few days must've been really hard on him.. Ben dying, dozens of dead people, and more. Matt guessed that Nate knew a lot of people.

Or maybe he just didn't recognize him because he hadn't bathed in a few days. He'd kill for a mirror right now. And a razor. His beard was out of control or as out of control as it could get after a week of not shaving. Nate opened his mouth and said nothing. Matt sighed. Guess he had to do the talking.

"Me," he said, sounding unconvinced of what he was saying. "I'm doing pretty good.. I got a lot of food. Lot of food." Food taken from the dead. He hadn't eaten Jerry's precious bread yet - the one loaf that took precedence over mourning Toby in his now dead ally's eyes - and maybe he never would.

"Things sure have changed a lot in the past week, huh?" He sounded painfully awkward. Trying to make small talk with someone he didn't think was going to last another twenty four hours. Maybe not even twelve hours. Hell, he had made it this far. Maybe he might win. Matt cracked a smile. Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. He was going to kill Nate if he had to. He was going to win.

He scratched the back of his neck and looked down at the pipe in his hand. Still bloody. The first impression he left on the other Ben rapidly drying onto it.

"You hungry?" he asked. Oddly altruistic. He was in a good mood and he couldn't say why. "I'll share if you are."
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