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Brendan was just standing there silently, listening to every words that Alba was saying to him. Her words were so powerful and true to him. Alba had always been his rock even he did make a few mistakes in front of her. He felt ashamed of himself for even smiling when he killed Jaime only a few minutes ago. How could he have been that shallow of a person to do that? Everything was just getting to him more and more everyday. But that was no excuse. He was the one who had to take responsibility for his own actions. The best thing for him to do is at least try to avoid causing unnecessary fights and to somehow defuse them in a calmer way. He had to talk to Ty. Brendan still thought of him as a friend, but now he was sure that Ty would never forgive him for killing Bernadette. Still, he wanted to see Ty even if it got more complicated both for the both of them.

"I....." Brendan couldn't speak properly for a second and he cleared his throat a little. "I understand, Alba."

He gazed down at Jaime's body and felt a wave of emotion come over him. She might have had a bit of an attitude towards him but she hadn't deserved to die like that. Brendan had just robbed her of having a chance to even survive through all of this. He had went through a faze, a horrid one at that, and now he couldn't help but want to better himself. He owed it to everyone that he had hurt or lost. He had to not go down a path that he would regret more. For Alba's sake. For his friends' sake. For his victims' sake.

He took off his and Jon's bags off of his shoulders and placed them down on the ground casually. He stared at the revolver in his hand and he felt his stomach turned. He felt ill just looking at it. His first time using this weapon and he hated it with a passion. He unzipped his bag, put the gun inside and then zipped it back up. He didn't even want to see it for a while. It was better off not being in his hands.

He turned to look over at Alba and then his tired eyes focused on Jaime. "Can we move her? I don't want to leave her like that. It feels.... wrong." His voice was getting quieter and quieter. "If I want to do better, I have start now, right? I want to do this for you, Alba."
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