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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from OK KID]]

What had driven her to come to this place? What had driven her so fast that her breath just caught up from behind? It was a good question, but one with a simple and banal answer.

She felt like it. There was nothing more to it. And that was fine.

Everything was fine with Fiyori. Well, most of it. Disregarding the terrible nausea and the headache she had. Those sensations were receding, however, and that is as good as if they weren't there to begin with.

Now, she still had questions. Only Georgia Lee could have answered them, but alas, she showed no interest in doing so. As such Fiyori had to take the second best, Olivia. To see her, and Coleen and Enzo mourn so close by was convenient. Vexing, too.

"Knock knock" Fiyori said as she walked along the wall, actually knocking on the paneling. She eyed Coleen. The poor thing had a bit of a breakdown. Annoying, just because of Georgia Lee?

"I see you have discovered her as well."
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