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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Because you need me."

Alba looked over Brendan. He never looked so small to her, but she needed to make her point. She had made the conscious choice to spare him, but there had to be a trade-off for that, and she had to explain it to him.

"I know you think I'm better off without you, and maybe you think I'm crazy for insisting on staying with you, but let's be honest: you're hopeless without me. When you're with me, you're not such a bad person."

Alba looked down at the ground at Jaime's crumpled body. The image of Bernadette's body also flashed in her mind.

"Generally, at least."

Alba rubbed the back of her neck, moving the collar slightly.

"Look, I'm aware it's not the best argument, but here's what I think: if I stay with you, you're going to want to be better for me. You tried to look out for me, and I've done the same for you over the last week. We've both screwed up, and people have died because of it, but we want to be better, and we want to make right.

"I want to be better. I've gotten lost from people, I've made bad choices, I killed someone, and I've been really poor at keeping promises. So I'm going to make one last promise that I'm definitely carrying to the end.

"Brendan, I'm staying with you. You want to find Ty, so we'll go find Ty together. There's a lot of other things we could do now, but we'll focus on finding Ty. You can find him, have your moment with him, and we'll see what happens. I can't guarantee it will go well, but if you control your temper and your emotions, maybe you'll be able to walk away from him in one piece.

"I'll monitor you and try to ensure you stay on the right path. I can probably be a mediator. I've been one for the golf team before, so I think I can play that role well. I know we're probably not going to find Ty right away, but depending on who we find, I'm going to make sure we survive the encounter. Through all of this, you need to be on your best behavior. You need to show me you're willing to follow my rules and respect my wishes. I don't want you losing your shit, I don't need you to start fights you don't need to have, and I certainly don't want to see you having a power trip when you brutally murder someone.

"I've decided, Brendan, that you're not going to become that man. If I see you becoming the man everyone thinks you are, the man who would casually murder for the most minor reasons, the man who would fucking smile after committing murder, then next time, when I point my rifle at your head, I will pull the trigger."

Alba stopped to swallow the lump in her throat. She made quite a case to Brendan there, and she felt quite parched. She couldn't believe she would say something like that to her friend. Several days ago, the thought of killing a friend was alien to her. But Kaitlyn proved she could do it, so maybe it was likely she'd have to do the same to Brendan.

"If you're going to insist that you have to keep killing, that you have to be a bad person, then at the very least, I want to be the one to make it all end for you. I'll give you that because I'm sure you'd rather I kill you than someone else kills you."

Alba stared Brendan in the eyes. There were no smiles or tears now. All that was there were the words.

"Do you understand?"
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