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Hazel moved the hair away from her face and sat up, bringing the jacket around to cover her shoulders. She scooted forward until she was sitting in front of Jordan. The wind came through and she shuddered, pulling the fabric tighter to her body. Her heart felt heavy. She looked at the dirt by Jordan rather than at him.

"Dunno why. I guess..."

A few seconds of silence passed with nothing but the nearby sound of the ocean.

"People deal differently."

Her responses were short and choppy like she was trying to say as little as possible. Her right hand left the jacket she was holding around herself and went to the ground where her stare was concentrated. Hazel's fingers walked forward towards the boy like a spider.

"There's not a lot of people left. I thought for sure we would be toast by now, but..." she swallowed loudly. "...we might have a shot. Would you....kill? "
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