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The others back there, they knew. Enzo knew that they knew, the second the word came out of their mouth, Georgia Lee's nickname.

And there just still wasn't anything for them to add. They wanted to find some kind of comforting words, they wanted to shield Olivia, rushing past them to scramble for GLD on the floor, say something.

Well, here was the solution to the problem of a dozen exasperated teachers and parents; to get Enzo to shut up you simply needed to present them with the dead body of another friend.

Their thoughts were disorganised and chaotic, veering between devastation, anger—at themselves, at Rainy for wandering off, at Olivia for not staying awake—to a hollow hurt in the pit of their stomach. In the end, did it really matter how or why or whose fault it was? What was real and tangible was that Georgia was dead. End of story.

End... of her story.

For a second, it had finally seemed like this sick place had dealt Enzo a hand worth playing. They should have known better; the game was rigged, and the flipside of every card, well, that was just another joker.

They moved across to Olivia, voice so level that even Enzo was kind of amazed. Put a hand on her shoulder.

"Olivia. She's gone. I'm sorry, but she's gone," Enzo put a slight pressure on the grip, aiming to steer Olivia away, but wary of trying to force it. "Rick. Come on. There's... there's nothing to see here any more."
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