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Lana didn't even know what either of them were looking at. This place was too familiar.

"I mean, yeah. Webber handed me all my grades out the door, your last period did that for you too right?"

Mrs. Webber. The bane of Ben's existence somehow. She was alright. Lana figured they'd all be laughing about it someday over an email, or doing the digital lol equivalent of laughing, or something like...

"All A's except a solid ass B plus in Precalc. Because, you know..."

Trailing off, puttering out like a car run out of gas soon to be stranded in a desert.

"... Precalc."


"... I, uh..."

She was ignoring the warning tone of her own phone, screeching like that still-stranded car composing it's last will in dying mechanical creaks.
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