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((Candice Banks continued from We Are Monsters))

Candice had vaguely recalled there being a cabin in the area, and had thought for some reason that it might be a good place to hide out. Instead, she found herself standing just outside the cabin door, having frozen the moment right before she had been about to enter due to the sound of voices coming from within.

It probably would be a good place to stay. So of course there would be people already there. Candice would have wondered what she could have possibly been thinking in coming here, but honestly at this point she felt like her brain had shut down several days ago, so the lack of thinking something through wasn't really anything new.

She sat down against the outer wall, listening to the people inside. They seemed quite friendly. Who knows, maybe they were even trustworthy. And if they weren't, no big loss. It's not like she was going to actually work up the courage to speak to them anyway.
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