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((Godmodding of the vampire freak approved by Zee))

Jae and Dot both stared at Emma as she escaped the room. Was escaping the right word? Kinda but she wasn't in any danger apart from Dot's vague threat of forcing her to eat her guts. They watched her running away from the room, with the sword that seemed too heavy and too big her to carry. Their stare both lingered on the exit. As if they were a movie that had been rewinded, their body turned toward each other. They had eye contact for a second then Dot looked at her taser.

Dot had her taser pointed toward Emma the whole time and it was now pointing toward Jae. If she wanted to, she could pull the trigger and ruin Jae's day. She could score another kill, stabbing Jae and getting herself a nifty crossbow. She didn't want that to happen, though, but she wasn't sure why.

Jae wasn't her friend and it was obvious he didn't like her. Or if he did, he kept it hidden very well. The opposite was also true. Dorothy didn't like Jae. She found him annoying and kinda dramatic. Yet, they didn't murder each other. Jae didn't kill Dot when he had the opportunity and the vice-versa.

Jae's arm was barely raised. He still had his crossbow, and he could, if he wanted, raised his arm a little bit higher and mirror Dot. It took a second or two for Dot to realize she was pointing her taser toward Jae. Blood started to flow inside of Dot's cheek, realizing she was targeting Jae. She lowered her arm and looked away, back to the door. She wondered what was Emma doing now. She was obviously running, maybe out of breath and scared they followed her.

Dot wished she could have told something else before Emma ran. She didn't know why but she wanted to apologize.

She raised her sight again, staring back at Jae.


She squeezed her bag to her side, gently opened it and shoved her taser inside the bag. She saw Asha's flower and Lucilly's mag. Was she respecting their memories. Lucilly wasn't really her friend before but she enjoyed spending time with her but it was robbed away by Isabel. Asha was her friend before all of this, but they weren't that close. They both grew closer and Dot would have died for her. However, the opposite happened, she died and Dot lived.

She shook her head, trying to get the images of Asha's corpse away from her mind but they stayed there. She wondered if Asha was approving her action. Dot guessed that Asha wasn't.

A silence settled in the room. An awful, cold one. There wasn't any sort of tension but it was obvious something bad could happen. Dot decided to initiate something so she started pouting and crossed her arms on her chest.

"Don't tell me to shut up ever again."

Jae took a step back, as if Dot slapped him. He knew about Dorothy's lack of childish temper and inability to take a situation seriously, but the fact she was standing in a girl's blood and acting like a spoiled child was a surprise to Jae. Jae reacted the best he could: coldly.

"Shut up, Dot."

((Dot and Jae left.))
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