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Emma tensed up as Dorothy spoke again. Impersonating her. Mocking her. As if her reaction was silly, or stupid. She was laughing, like it was hilarious. In response, Emma’s eyes widened. She shook her head in disbelief. She just… couldn’t.

Then Dorothy threatened her. Emma raised the sword a bit more, eyes darting between her and Jae. No, not just threatening. Threatening something… unpleasant. Pointing what appeared to be a taser at her. Emma flinched back, noticing that Dorothy’s hands were still covered in crusted blood. She guessed it was from the aforementioned blood geyser, or maybe from something else, but that wasn’t important. What was, was that Emma was in danger. And she knew it.

Jae spoke up again.

“No, but…” Emma tried. But it was in vain.

She wasn’t just there to see Isabel attack Lizzie. She’d been with her. She’d… helped? But… but… that didn’t make any sense. They were family, weren’t they? So why would she help? It didn’t make any sense, it just didn’t. It was a joke, right? No, who’d joke about that? A lie? Maybe?

Emma’s mouth opened and closed. Her sword was still lifted, even as heavy as it was. All this was too much. Too much to process, too much to think on. Just too much. Emma felt her whole body shake.

Then, she put the sword down. For a moment she stood, loudly breathing through her mouth. She couldn’t go through with it, she couldn’t figure out what to think, she just… no. Emma knew that she was about to sob again, but she didn’t care.

Instead, she bolted in the opposite direction. Away from Dorothy, away from Jae. Away from Lily.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t ran before, anyways.

((Emma Luz continued in El Manana))

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