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Brendan couldn't think of anything that he could say to her. What was he supposed to do? Even he didn't know what to do this situation. Was he going to have to make the hard decision? As much as he didn't want to leave the one person who had tried so hard for him. He inhaled and exhaled a small breathing sound. He had to do this. He wanted to do it for Alba even if she could think it was a bad choice for him to do.

Brendan turned around, the rifle was now pointing right at his face. He had never been this close to a gun before. It was a pretty terrifying sight for him to see. The one girl he still couldn't believe, was holding this weapon. Alba.....

He couldn't believe that he had made her cry. Just seeing her like this was breaking his heart. He had messed up worse this time. He knew that it had been wrong of him for even enjoying killing Jaime. He was definitely not in the best state of mind. He should have realized that. He had crossed a line with Jaime's death.

"Alba, I....." Brendan clenched his teeth and he wore an expression of pain and grief. "I....I can't.... I shouldn't stay here with you. I only cause more hurt and despair. You're better off without me holding you back from going home. You're not screwed up like me. I realize that the best thing that I can do right now is.... I need to find Ty on my own."
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