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Ben saw the swing coming, of course. It was telegraphed to all hell. He dodged out of the way, grabbed the pipe when it hit the ground and drove the boot into Matt's face. Matt dropped the pipe, and Ben hit him again and again and again and again, until Matt fell over, blood running from his nose, and tumbled up the hill. Ben looked in triumph as his loathed enemy went--

Wait, up the hill? How could Matt tumble uphill--?

He wasn't. He was still standing there, pipe in hand, fresh blood dripping from it.

Blood? Ben swayed dizzily, then dropped the boot. His hand went to the top of his head. His head didn't feel his hand touching it, but his hand felt wet. Had Matt--?

Hadn't he dodged? He looked at his feet, which made a wave of nausea go through him. His left foot was behind the other, like he'd tried to push off with it, but had slipped. Had he slipped?

He looked back up at Matt, but Matt wasn't there anymore. No, he was! No... everything was going... blurry. He swayed even more, the dizziness making it hard to stand up. Matt had... Matt would... no... His face bunched up and he almost started to cry, but all that came out was a small wavering gasp as he fell to his knees, then toppled over backwards. He lost consciousness as he hit the ground, and rolled limply down the hill, coming to a rest some twenty-five feet below where he'd started.

There was no choir as he died. No light at the end of the tunnel, no Mom, Dad, Minnie or Granddad to keep him company as he dreamt and awaited his return. Death was not like dreaming. It wasn't even black nothingness. It just... wasn't.

B046: Benjamin Lichter - Dead
39 Students remaining

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