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Because everyone knows that a self-defeating self-deprecating joke is how you make a new friend.

It's just that, like, Asuka didn't know how to make friends with people she already wanted to be friends with. She'd always figured that friendships were things that just kinda happened naturally: you hang out, you liked each other, ta-da! Friendship! The Power of Friendship was a mysterious force, after all. Those who seek it will not find it, or something.

Now, what was Cass saying--oh, right. Something about shotguns. Fuck, she'd almost missed what Cass said and messed this up even more, hadn't she? And now she's sitting there all blank and useless, thinking about that instead of actually responding.

Asuka let out a choked non-word, coughed, tried again.

"Didn't hear anything, no. Um. Sorry if I freaked you out. And food isn't really an issue for me, I guess. Haven't been eating very much since I got here. I'm going through it too slowly."

Asuka grinned. Sure, she'd already given some of her food to Nate, but she really didn't need all the food she had left. It'd be a little tough, but if she could lose track of time and forget to eat at home, she could do it here, or pretend to herself to do it here.

"I mean, I'd hate to have whatever's left of my food eaten by my murderer, y'know? Much more productive for it to go to you. I'm doing this thing where I'm, like, trying to live vicariously through as many people as possible, and also trying to do stuff that would make someone else want to live vicariously through me? Making up for lost time, I guess."

Ha. Like Asuka could ever be a reasonably competent manic pixie dream girl to anyone. Asuka reached into her bag--keeping the opening turned towards Cass, no need to make her think Asuka's pulling out a weapon-- and grabbed a couple of bars. They were gonna have a sweet emotional bonding exercise if she had to sacrifice her food for it. Even if trying to force something like that to happen was pointless and impossible.

"Funny thing is, I'd probably spend most of my life languishing and then end up doing the same kinda thing once I'm old and dying if I hadn't ended up here. So, in a weird sort of way, I'm having the time of life here. Except...y'know. People are dying so that I can have that kind of feeling. That's not worth it."

Asuka lowered her voice.

"Have you been holding up? Did you lose anyone you know?"
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