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Today was a learning experience. For example, Matt learned to try and stifle his laughter in certain sensitive situations. Another example - Matt learned what getting hit right in the face with a boot feels like. He let out a short yelp that vaguely sounded like him screaming "fucker" at Ben before managing to shake him off. It took him a moment to catch his breath after Ben went tumbling down the slope, to what Matt figured was either serious injury or death.

"Okay.. fuck, uh.." Matt wiped his face off with his sleeve. He was sweating like a fucking pig. Slowly, he bent over to pick up his pipe, hands shaking. So he'd just killed another person. If not now then Ben would be dead soon, anyways. Might as well check the body. Quickly walking over to the edge of the hill, Matt discovered something.

Ben wasn't dead.

In fact, he wasn't even that seriously injured.

He was just even more pissed off.

Actually, Ben was running right at him, this time looking like he was definitely going to kill him.

Matt raised his pipe and waited for Ben to get within a reasonable distance. Scrambling up the hill took an uncomfortably long amount of time but as soon as Ben came close enough to be hit with a pipe, Matt swung it down at him. Permanent solution to a temporary problem.
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