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Ben held on best he could, knees clamped onto Matt like he was a tree. Though trees didn't tend to move this much, at least, when he was climbing them. Matt was screaming and trying to shake him off, but Ben was also screaming and held on tight, trying to propel the boot in his hand into Matt's face. But Matt staggered, and Ben shut up for a moment, his feet shooting to the ground to stop them from falling, then coming right back up to keep him on Matt's back. In the short moment of stability he managed to slam his boot into the back of Matt's head.

"THAT WAS FOR WADE, YOU SICK FUCK!" he screamed in triumph, but the moment didn't last. Matt moved so unexpectedly that Ben lost his grip, slid sideways off Matt's back and started rolling and sliding down the steep incline they were fighting on, taking a small avalanche of rocks and dirt with him. He lost the boot along the way. Unable to stop his momentum, he slid ten feet over rocks and through plants, before coming to a sudden halt when the bandage around his left arm got caught in a thornbush. It tore, and the ketchup packet he had hidden in there fell out, but Ben didn't care. He didn't have to use it to fake his death anymore. He stood up angrily, tearing off the rest of the bandage and started running back up the slope as best he could, picking up the boot when he reached it. He had bruised his elbows and knees, but didn't notice for the adrenaline rushing through his veins.

Matt was going to pay for killing Wade.
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